Natronic International Inc

Spotting Agents

Universal spot remover for professionals (Detaprofi Set)
  • Detaprofi-Blodex: For food residues, blood, protein, milk, etc.
  • Detaprofi-Tanex: For grass, tea, coffee, coloured beverages, etc.
  • Detaprofi-Lacex: For oil paints, fats, lipstick, ballpoint pen, etc.
  • Detaprofi-Medex: For colour pick-up, button marks, etc.
  • Detaprofi-Ferex: For rust, metal residues, old blood stains, etc.
  • Deta Solv: For solvent-soluble stains such as resins, paints, varnish, adhesives, etc.

Brushing/Sprying Agent

Pre-brushing agent for large-scale soil
  • Highly effective brushing agent for large scale soil (collars & sleeves)
  • Suitable as additive to the pre-cleaning bath for heavily soiled textiles
  • Easy to rinse


High concentrated top-class detergents
  • Highly concentrated anionic, cationic and non-ionic detergent for hygienic cleaning
  • Possesses excellent cleaning power and prevents greying
  • Long persistent fresh fragrance
  • Reliable antistatic, deodorizing and finishing effect
  • Distinctly improves ironing properties
  • Special biocides act as deodorizing

Special Products

Extra care for best results
  • Eliminates strong odours before and after the dry cleaning
  • Suited for the wet-spotting of stains like urine, perspiration
  • Destroys foaming reliably and prevents boiling over of the distilling vessel
  • Acts successfully also in silicone containing liquors
  • Provides the cleaning shop with a pleasant fragrance
  • Pleasant and fresh scent sticks well on all kinds of fibers

Solvent Care Agents

Solvent maintenance for continuous operations
  • Binds acid breakdown products
  • Prevents corrosion in the dry cleaning
  • Prevents bacterial growth
  • Protects the solvents against unpleasant odours

Powder and Liquid Detergents

Heavy-duty detergents for best efficiency
  • Highly effective concentrated heavy duty detergent for white and colored sensitive or less sensitive textiles
  • Removes fat and pigment soil thoroughly already at low temperatures
  • Achieves outstanding whiteness
  • Effective and gentle bleaching starts at 30 °C
  • Gives the laundry a fragrance of summer freshness

Laundry Booster

Wash booster for reliable results
  • Highly concentrated, low-temperature grease solvent that develops full effectiveness at 30 °C
  • Ideal for delicate personal linen from nursing homes or heavily soiled kitchen textiles
  • Raises the pH value of the washing liquor already at low concentration
  • Particularly suitable for heavy grease soil


First-class laundry softener with or without scent
  • Highly concentrated fabric softener with pleasant freshness fragrance
  • Filled with micro-capsules that activates only when using the textiles
  • First class soft handle finish
  • It creates a supple handle and revive colours
  • Improves ironing properties
  • Reduces drying time

Wet Cleaning

Washing agents with color-protecting properties
    Highly concentrated, brushing agent for wet cleaning.
    Excellent for large areas for grease and wet soil.

    Liquid washing agent for delicate garments made from natural fibers.
    Prevents matting of wool through natural collagens.

    High power fabric protection with finishing agent.
    Effectively reduces wool matting and susceptibility to creases.
    Leaves the fabric with a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

    Special finishing agent for shirts and blouses.
    Reduces susceptibility to creases.
    Gives the fabric a silky handle.


Troubleshooter agents
    Largely prevents color transfer of dissolved dyestuffs during washing and can eliminate non-fixed color damage