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Continuous Batch Washer

The Integration of Washing, Rinsing and Extracting in One Unit
  • The PowerTrans is precisely designed for extreme soiling on the one hand and highly challenging hygienic applications on the other.
  • With the PowerTrans Vario you achieve a performance volume that enables the highest possible output within the available space.
    (Available for batch sizes of 40 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg, 85 kg, 110 kg and 130 kg)
  • Separate batch washing ensures precise process control of each single batch without any liquor mixing between neighboring batches.
  • Hourly production capacity between 250 kg and 5.000 kg possible.
  • Up to 2 standard water recovery tanks guarantee intelligent water management
  • The PowerTrans Vario minimizes the consumption of water, energy and chemicals, so you gain a price advantage you can pass on to your customers.
  • The Integration of Washing, Rinsing and Extracting in One Unit (with PowerPress or PowerSpin)
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Washer Extractor

Latest generation of washer extractors
  • Available in different capacities (Barrier and Non-Barrier models available)
  • Different options for heating modes: Electric, combined heating direct / indirect steam
  • Available option for built-in weighing scale
  • Water recovery system for considerable water and energy savings optionally available
  • Programmable temperature and water level
  • Safety door interlock system
  • Carewash cylinder perforation for a most careful washing standard
  • High G-Factor extraction
  • Stainless steel panels
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Tumble Dryer

Most efficient tumble dryers in the market
  • Available in Compact Dryer (DC Series) and Transfer Dryers (Power Dry)
  • For all ranges of hotel, hospital, work wear and retirement home textiles, mats and wipers as well as small or rest batches.
  • Available in different capacities
  • Different options for heating modes: Gas, Hot oil, Steam.
  • Temperature control, anti-crease function
  • Optionally with InfraTouch Automatic for automatic determination of the exact drying point based on continuously measured temperature values
  • Optional tilting unloading available.
  • Cool-down device (option) to improve performance by a controlled rapid cooling process.
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Flatwork Ironing Line

Solutions that best suit your ironing needs
  • Flatwork Ironing lines integrate Feeder, Ironer and Folder into one machine.
  • Different options available for feeding technologies (based on No. of lanes, article type, automation requirements, etc)
  • Ironers to best suit the needs, available in different roll dia, no. of roll, heating mechanism (Chest heated, roll heated).
  • Various options for folder available and stacking mechanism.
  • Can be integrated with machines upstream and downstream for automated operations.
  • Optional Productivity display for monitoring and reporting purposes.
  • Can be integrated with Pre-Separation unit for Improved Handling of Larger Batches
  • Central control improves productivity and service quality
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Drywork folding machines

Small pieces folders, towel folders and blanket folders
  • TFM Micron: Small Piece Folder for Retirement Homes, Hospitals and Hotel Application with Highest Production and Quality Requirements.
  • BFS: Specilized machine for blanket folding
  • Three automatic self-cleaning tanks
  • Speedline series: Small Piece Folder for Hospital, Hotel and Wellness Application with Demand for Highest Output and Quality
  • BlanketMaster: High Performance in blanket processing
  • AFM-BR: Small Piece Folder with Integrated Bathrobe Folder for Hospital, Hotel and Wellness Application with Demand for Highest Output and Quality
  • TFS.II: Small Piece Folding System for hospitals, senior citizen homes, and hotels. It meets the highest performance and quality standards.
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Garment Technology

Tunnel Finisher, Ironing Presses and folding technology
  • Specialized machines for garments processing in facilities that require high throughput
  • Tunnel Finisher with capacity up to 2500 garments per hour applicable for any garments in the healthcare, workwear and nursing home sector
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  • Hot head press specialized for garments (gowns, jackets, pants, shirts) or linen (bed or table linen)
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  • Garment sorting system for different types of garments going through various processes
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  • Robot folders are designed to fold garments with high productivity (upto 900 pcs/hour), without compromising the folding quality
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