Natronic International Inc

Powder and Liquid Detergents

High demand on hygiene, quality and safety
  • Concentrated heavy-duty detergent for white and colored textiles
  • Laundry disinfection using chemo-thermal disinfection process
  • Excellent conservation of the original colours
  • Thorough removal of oil, grease and stains even in extreme cases
  • Optical protection from greying
  • Full washing performance from 30°C - 95°C
  • Particularly low foaming
  • Phosphate and NTA free
  • Also suited for very hard water
  • Liquids are suitable for automatic dosing

Wash Booster

The washing system for best efficiency
  • Highly concentrated wash-power booster with optical brightener
  • Effective at washing temperature of 40 °C – 85 °C
  • Excellent degree of whiteness
  • Can be used as booster, grease-dissolving detergent and wetting agent in Continuous Batch Washers (CBW)
  • Suitable for automatic dosing
  • Indifferent to water hardness


The extra-ordinary long-lasting fragrance
  • Fabric softener with intensive fresh fragrance and long lasting effect
  • Specially encapsulated and thermostable perfume oils (microcapsules) release their fresh fragrance not only directly after washing but also long after machine drying
  • Release a pleasant fresh fragrance which are activated by friction
  • Anti-static properties
  • Protects laundry from dry rigidity and makes it softer for a pleasant feeling
  • Less wrinkling makes ironing easier
  • Better water release during extraction, thus shorter drying time

WET Cleaning

The innovation in wet-cleaning technology
  • High performance special cleaning agent for less sensitive textiles
  • Optimized application conditions and temperature range from cold to 40 °C
  • Outstanding cleaning power, especially for persistent soils with ultimate economic efficiency
  • Highly efficient enzyme system for the removal of protein and starch spots
  • Special low foaming surfactant system for powerful grease, oil and pigment removal
  • Innovative colour protection prevents colour transfer
  • Anti-ageing fibre smoothing system to prevent greying of textiles
  • Free from phosphates, optical brighteners, EDTA, NTA and musk scents

  • Fiber-protecting agent with retexturing effect and anti-static properties
  • Create temporary film at the surface of textile fibers that protects against mechanical influences and shrinkage during drying

  • Re-oiling agent for treatment of leather and suedes
  • Reduces the water-drawing property of cleaned leather and suedes