Natronic International Inc

Garments Sorting and Dispatching

Time saving and eliminating human errors
  • Garments on the assembly conveyor are automatically sorted
  • Extraction arms extract garments from assembly conveyor and put orders together
  • Each complete order is sent to bagger (optional) for bagging and labeling
  • The orders are sent to dispatch conveyor for dispatching

Automatic Bagger

High speed bagging and labeling solution
  • Auto garment bagging machines represent the last step of the order assembly process in dry cleaners and industrial laundries.
  • They can be integrated into systems that manage other steps (sorting and assembly)
  • It can also be used as stand-alone machines, such as in fashion houses.
  • Bagger may include a labeling machine that can automatically print and affix labels onto to the packaging.
  • Using Automatic bagger reduces labour costs (the machine can bag about 600 items per hour)

B2k uniform distribution system

Automatic uniform distribution system
  • Uniforms are stored in distribution conveyors. Each distribution conveyor is connected with a delivery gate.
  • Delivery gates are equipped with touch screen user interface.
  • User can log in using his id and select the items required.
  • The conveyor system automatically extracts the items and bring them to the delivery gate.
  • B2k system can be equipped with automatic drop-off bin.
  • Drop-off bin allows users to drop-off their soiled garments and automatically register the records the software.
  • All the system is controlled by software that is developed by Metalprogetti.