Natronic International Inc

Soft Mount Washer Extractor

SS, MSM and GP Series
  • Starting from 17 kg up to 150 kg capacity
  • Compact design for space saving
  • Suspension system with springs and shock absorbers
  • Frequency inverter drive up to 300G
  • Programmable computer control up to 15 wash programs
  • Programmable water levels and water temperature
  • Patented safety door interlock system
  • Stainless steel door with large sight glass
  • Stainless steel basket, outer shell, front and top panels
  • All electromagnetic operated valves eliminate need of compressed air
  • Three flushable compartment dry supply injectors
  • Standard hot and cold water inlets
  • Direct steam injection heating OR electrical heating

Barrier Wall Washer Extractor

BW Series
  • 2 doors on opposite side for loading and unloading
  • All parts in contact with water made of SS304 stainless steel
  • Soft-mount washer extractor with air bags and shock absorbers
  • Programmable computer with 40 programs and 5 supply signals
  • Frequency inverter drive
  • Programmable temperature and water level
  • Safety door interlock system
  • Safety out-of-balance switch
  • Standard hot and cold water inlet, single drain
  • Mechanical brake by pneumatic cylinder
  • Status indicating light at unloading side
  • Stainless steel panels
  • 5 flushable compartments for supply
  • Direct steam injector heating
  • Separated 2 wash pockets

Tumble Dryer

GZZ and GDZ Series
  • Programmable computer controller
  • Drawer type lint filter for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel and reversible basket
  • Double belts drive system
  • Efficient airflow system with large basket perforation
  • Fan impeller provides large airflow and less maintenance
  • Safety switch to stop machine when door opens
  • Emergency stop button to stop machine immediately
  • Electromagnetic controlled eliminate need of compressed air
  • Powder coated steel panels
  • Available in electrical heating, steam heating OR gas heating

Drycleaning machine

PERC- P15 P20 P25 P30 P40
  • Fully enclosed system with refrigeration recovery system maximize PERC recovery
  • Programmable computer with self diagnostics, 6 automatic maintenance programs and up to 15 cleaning programs
  • Three automatic self-cleaning tanks
  • Patented basket perforation for optimum drying performance
  • Variable speed frequency inverter drive
  • One convertible ecological powder-less disc filter
  • Still overfill preventer
  • Automatic still on/off
  • Electronic drying controller to monitor solvent recovery
  • Computer controlled cooling water valve
  • Refrigerated solvent cooler
  • Stainless steel basket, recovery section, still, still condenser, water separator, filter housing, loading door, etc
  • Flexible with various optional features according to actual needs E.g. Secondary carbon absorber system, carbon cartridge filter, Safety base trough, soap injector, built-in air compressor