Natronic International Inc

Laundry Equipment

High Productivity without compromising the quality
  • Sankosha laundry equipment covers complete range of laundry products
  • Laundry items like Shirts, Trousers, Blouses, etc. can be finished at high quality
  • Single Buck Shirt Press with a new steam injection system covers the entire body width and with a new heated buch body, processing time is reduced.
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  • Tensioning function of Single Collar and Cuff press produces superior quality while preventing shrinkage
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  • Double Buck Shirt Finisher is used where higher productivity is required while utilizing minimum floor area
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  • Double Tensioning Collar and Cuff can process 2 sets of Collars simultaneously
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  • Quad Tensioning Rotary Collar and Cuff ensures maximum productivity while utilizing minimum floor area
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  • Multiform Finisher is used for Ladies Blouses, Mens Shirts, Polos & T-shirts
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Dry cleaning equipment

Latest generation of finishing equipment for drycleaned garments
  • Covers variety of dryclean garments (pants, jackets, etc)
  • Operator-friendly control panel ensures easiness in machine operation
  • Pants topper, legger presses, form finishers, rotary form finishers, utility presses are some of the equipment in this section
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