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Distribute accessories, bulky items and uniform sets in reduced spaces

User-friendly and with large dimensioned slots, White Case is the perfect solution for the distribution of generic and personalized garments, bulky workwear as well as accessories or devices as long as adhered with RFid tag.

How it works

Operation is user-friendly.

In the retrieval phase:

  • The user identifies him/herself with their badges
  • A luminous LED indicates the located compartment
  • The user takes the items and closes the door

The loading procedure might be varied due to specific process requirements and the RFid technology in use.

In the loading phase:

  • The operator activates the procedure using his/her own badge
  • Every item or set is identified with the relevant scanner
  • A luminous LED indicates the assigned compartment
  • The operator closes the door once the loading operation completed

As an alternative to the former process, using the White Case UHF it is also possible to pre-assign every location to a specific type of garment and enable White Case to run an automatic inventory at the end of the loading process.


  • Traceability and distribution control of the garments
  • Possibility of distributing entire sets of garments, while maintaining traceability of each item
  • Possibility to distribute different devices and items with the same module
  • Limited occupation of space

This is so much useful, especially in those contexts where other dispensers cannot offer a suitable location size: White Case is a modular solution and can be adapted to every type of environment considering also its limited occupation of space.

Intelligent management and maximum customization

Thanks to the One software platform, White Case operation can be monitored and managed in real time. The system administrator can define the distribution and loading scheme with preset patterns and item combinations.

Like every White dispenser, with One software, you can monitor the usage and check the status of the stock available inside the machine, in a way to intervene in a timely manner to meet any requirements.

More Product Information

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