Staff Accommodation for an Airport Located in the UAE.

The Metalprogetti uniform distribution system is located in one of the UAE’s airport headquarters.
It serves the entire airport crew, including pilots, air hostesses, and support staff, with a 100% tracking system for their uniforms.
The system includes 4 deposit bins located at various locations to allow staff to return their soiled uniforms, with integrated tracking capabilities.
Installing a Metalprogetti conveyor system on-site requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful installation. Here is a general step-by-step guide for installing a Metalprogetti conveyor:
  • Planning and Preparation:
a. Review the conveyor system’s layout and design to understand the requirements and constraints.
b. Ensure that you have the necessary tools, equipment, and materials for the installation. c. Coordinate with the project team, including any contractors or technicians involved in the installation.
  • Site Preparation:
a. Clear the installation area of any obstacles or debris that could interfere with the installation process.
b. Ensure that the floor or ground surface is clean, level, and able to support the conveyor system’s weight.
  • Unpacking and Inspection:
a. Carefully unpack all the components of the Metalprogetti conveyor system, including the conveyor tracks, supports, and control panels.
b. Inspect each component for any signs of damage or defects. Contact Metalprogetti or the supplier if you discover any issues.
  • Assembly of Conveyor Tracks:
a. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the conveyor tracks and supports. This typically involves connecting the track sections and attaching them to the supports.
b. Ensure that the tracks are properly aligned and leveled to ensure smooth movement of the conveyor system.
  • Mounting Supports:
a. Install the supports for the conveyor tracks securely to the floor or the appropriate structure. Use the recommended fasteners and techniques provided by Metalprogetti.

b. Ensure that the supports are aligned correctly and at the appropriate height to support the conveyor tracks.

  • Electrical Connections:
a. Follow the electrical wiring diagram provided by Metalprogetti to connect the control panel, motors, sensors, and other electrical components.
b. Take necessary precautions, such as switching off the power supply, when making electrical connections.
  • Conveyor Alignment and Testing:
a. Once the assembly and electrical connections are completed, align the conveyor tracks to ensure smooth and accurate movement.
b. Test the conveyor system by running it without any load to check for proper functioning, including motor rotation, sensor detection, and control panel operation.
c. Make any necessary adjustments or fine-tuning to optimize the system’s performance.
  • Safety Measures and Training:
a. Install any safety features provided by Metalprogetti, such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards, or warning signs.
b. Conduct thorough training sessions for operators and maintenance personnel to ensure they understand how to operate and maintain the conveyor system safely.
  • Documentation and Handover:
a. Create detailed documentation of the installation, including drawings, electrical diagrams, and any modifications made during the process.
b. Provide the necessary documentation, including user manuals and maintenance guidelines, to the client or end-users.
c. Conduct a final inspection and hand over the installed Metalprogetti conveyor system to the client.

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