Laundry equipment industry involves the production and distribution of commercial and household washing and drying machines. These include washers, dryers, ironers, folders, and pressing machines. It is a significant industry due to the high demand for laundry services globally, especially in the hospitality and healthcare sectors. The rise of on-demand laundry services and technological advancements […]

Types of laundry equipment

Here are the main types of laundry equipment and their respective uses and benefits: Washers: There are two main types of washers – top-loading and front-loading. Top-loading washers are more affordable, but front-loading washers are more efficient in terms of water and energy usage. Both types come in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different […]

Key features to consider

When choosing laundry equipment, the following key features should be considered: Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient equipment can help lower energy bills and reduce a business’s carbon footprint. Look for equipment with high Energy Star ratings and those that use less water and electricity. Capacity: The capacity of the equipment should match the volume of laundry that […]

The importance of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial when it comes to laundry equipment. Here are the reasons why: Cost Savings: Energy-efficient equipment can significantly reduce energy bills, as they use less water and electricity. This can result in significant long-term cost savings for businesses. Environmental Impact: Laundry equipment can consume a lot of energy and water, making it […]

Innovations in laundry technology

The laundry industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and innovations being introduced regularly. Here are a few of the latest innovations in laundry technology: Smart Technology: Many new laundry machines come equipped with smart technology, which allows for remote control and monitoring. This can help improve the efficiency of laundry operations by allowing businesses […]

The benefits of investing in quality equipment

Investing in high-quality laundry equipment can provide numerous long-term benefits, including: Improved Productivity: High-quality equipment is more reliable and efficient, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. This can result in faster turnaround times and improved profitability. Cost Savings: Energy-efficient equipment can significantly reduce energy bills, and durable equipment can last longer, reducing the need for frequent […]

Maintenance and upkeep

Regular maintenance and upkeep are crucial for ensuring that laundry equipment operates efficiently and effectively. Here are the reasons why: Prolong Equipment Life: Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of equipment by preventing small problems from turning into bigger, more costly issues. Improve Equipment Performance: Regular maintenance can help improve the performance of equipment, […]


In conclusion, choosing the right laundry equipment can have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of laundry operations for businesses and households. The laundry equipment industry offers a range of options, including washers, dryers, and presses, each with its own unique uses and benefits. Key features to consider when choosing laundry equipment include […]

A Retail Laundry of High-End Standard Located in the UAE.

It processes over 10,000 garments per day using advanced equipment such as Miele washers/dryers and Bowe dry-cleaning machines. The laundry uses a Kreussler central dosing unit to achieve fully programmable and automatic dosing of liquids. Part of the linen is finished using a Natronic Ironing line. Quality of garment finishing is ensured by Veit and […]

Staff Accommodation for an Airport Located in the UAE.

The Metalprogetti uniform distribution system is located in one of the UAE’s airport headquarters. It serves the entire airport crew, including pilots, air hostesses, and support staff, with a 100% tracking system for their uniforms. The system includes 4 deposit bins located at various locations to allow staff to return their soiled uniforms, with integrated […]

A Hospitality Laundry of High-End Standard Located in the UAE.

Installing a finishing machine, such as a pressing machine, from Sankosha and Viet requires careful planning and execution to ensure a successful installation. Planning and Preparation: a. Review the layout and available space in the designated installation area. b. Ensure that the floor or ground surface can support the weight of the machine. c. Verify […]

A Hospitality and Healthcare Laundry of High-End Standard Located in the UAE.

The Central laundry in Abu Dhabi processes over 160 tons of hotel linen daily using three Kannegiesser CBWs. The feeding system is automated and runs via the Supertrack system, with minimal human involvement. The Kannegiesser ironer lines ensure high-quality ironing, folding, and stacking to meet standards.

A Healthcare Laundry of High-End Standard Located in the UAE.

A central laundry in Dubai, specializing in healthcare linen, utilizes Kannegisser barrier wall washer extractors (FAVplus) to maintain the highest standards of healthcare hygiene. The facility includes a trolley washer for transferring trolleys between the soiled and clean sides. The Kannegiessr ironer lines provide top-notch ironing and folding of linens for hospitals.